Pigeon Hole Productions was founded in 2015 by Joseph Unger and Trisha Williams. Both originally from the video game industry, Unger and Williams have been applying the technologies and production of game creation to new sectors and communities.

Joseph Unger – CEO
20+ years of entrepreneurship and studio and video game development in the entertainment and game industries, including Sony, Zynga, and 2K.
Trisha Williams – CCO
Leading voice in World Building and creative infrastructure industries as well as 15 years in game and interactive entertainment.

Future20: with the Kauffman Foundation

In collaboration with the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, Pigeon Hole Productions organized 15 representatives from Kansas City together to world build the future of their city. The Pigeons lead the group through the world building process and then recreated their vision in Virtual Reality. The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation organized a final showing that was attended by hundreds of Kansas City residents where they were able to use the VR headsets to experience a glimpse of a hopeful future.

The Future of Work: with Sundance New Frontiers

In 2018, Pigeon Hole Productions, teamed up with The Sundance Institute and USC Cinema to create the first World Building Residency. This residency recruited three premiere Sundance creators to explore the ideas and concepts behind “The Future of Work in LA”

The Future of Work Project has continued into 2021 at the virtual Sundance Festival. You can find more information HERE.

World in a Cell: with USC Cinema

In collaboration with the World-building Media Lab and The Bridge Institute at The University of Southern California, we set out to prototype the experiential world of the inside of a single Pancreatic Beta Cell in Virtual Reality. This art-science collaboration allowed users to explore inside the cell while prompting new discussions, narratives and concepts.

Read more HERE,

Pigeon Hole Productions Founder Trisha Williams designed an image for the project that won “Best Art & Biology Submission” at VIZBI and is currently on long-term display at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg, Germany.